Friday, December 2, 2011

i'm a model, you know what i mean?

"I'm a model, ya know what i mean? And I do my little turn on my dog-walks. On my dog-walks. On my dog-walks. Yeah!"

Mom likes to take pictures of me. The poor woman can't help herself, I'm just so irresistibly pretty! I allow all the paparazzi-like attention since it makes her happy. I do my best to cooperate by striking poses whenever the camera comes out - like the one in the photo above (which was featured in our family's 2009 Christmas card).
This, by the way, is what us models like to call, "my good side." But the other side, I won't lie, is my "better side." This is my go-to pose - long & lean neck, glassy eyes with a hint of innocence, effortless beauty - it's a hit every time. Some advice from a professional dog model for all of you who aspire to one day have the camera adore you, like it adores me:
1) NEVER look at the camera - it steals your soul - for realz! AND the flash will turn you into a blind model who can only have a career modeling Stevie Wonder's sunglasses line, which is not very haute couture or pretty.
2) Like they always say "the camera adds 10 lbs.", even if you only weigh seven, so don't overdo it on the treats & biscuits.

Welp, I've got to go get some beauty sleep in preparation for our family's upcoming 2011 Christmas card photo shoot so that will be all for now.

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