Wednesday, January 4, 2012

a good little dog this year

Santa brought me this for Christmas! No, not the ever-so-festive candy-cane sweater that I would not be caught dead in, except at an ugly sweater party. I wouldn't be wearing it now if not for the fact that my Auntie Em gave it to me and mom wants me to wear it when I could potentially be seen by Auntie Em (kind of like the bunny suit predicament from that Christmas Story movie that has been playing non-stop on TV since Thanksgiving). I don't mind all that much - even though it's fashion-challenged, I make anything look tolerably good and it is pretty cozy on these cold winter days. Speaking of cold winter days, mom & dad are so cheap and keep the heat turned down so low that I was forced to ask Santa for a practical gift this year, just so my tail wouldn't turn into an icicle. And I'd just like to call it to your attention that, obviously, I've been a good little dog this year since Santa made it happen! See above - I'm pictured enjoying (with my eyes closed) my new gift. Other, less civilized dogs might ask for a bone or squeaky toys or treats. All I asked for was a high-end, electric space heater. Technology is where it's at these days. And I wasn't going to go and shoot for the moon by asking for an iPod to feed my Snoop Dogg addiction. I'm giving him up come New Year's anyways. I'm pretty pleased with my gift so I'll just be here blasting myself with hot air until the frost breaks into Spring. It's kind of like being at the spa, in the sauna, but without the awkward old guys in Speedos. Happy New Year, admirers!

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  1. Miss T your mom is making you out to be a high maintenance diva... Your aren't at all. You are a sweet ( though high strung) sweet pea!!