Wednesday, January 25, 2012


So I know you've all been looking forward to my commentary on last night's State of the Union Address. I know it's hard to believe someone as pretty as me could give a flip about politics but that stereotype is totally off. I mean, look at Michelle Obama - she's got good looks, great style and political prowess.

Sadly, I could not make the invite to the actual event, due to a previous engagement with a redbox rental ("Ides of March" - very timely - and very HOT with Gosling & Clooney sharing scenes) and a very important bone I was working on.

Regarding the things said in last night's speech, I think pretty much everything sounded good that Mr. President said, except for the fact that he was ignoring the proverbial elephant in the room by not even mentioning the topic of support for no-kill shelters (go ahead, accuse me of being a socialist). But alas, all he seemed to talk about was "Jobs, jobs, jobs." (And by that, I do NOT mean Steve. Although, he did get a shout-out in the speech. And the fact that I was streaming the event live on my MacBook served as a sort of tribute as well. R.I.P. S. JOBS)

Anyone who knows me, is well aware that I already have a job, job, job - so the issue really didn't concern me. I actually have three jobs, I clean the floor when crumbs fall on the ground (AM shift), I'm a beautiful dog model and
I clean the floor when crumbs fall on the ground (PM shift). One might technically call those chores, since I technically don't get paid for these, but they really DO occupy my schedule in a most filling fashion. So I like to call them "JOBS."

Even though I was mad that my issue didn't get a mention, I still wanted a picture taken of me with the president. I mean he IS the President.

Although we bear a striking resemblance - we're both brown & have big ears, I want my public to know that I'm not related to this American presidential aristocracy. So just so there's no confusion, I will tell you, I'm the pretty one on the right in the picture. Too bad Michelle couldn't be there for the photo, since I really am more interested in what she wears than all the issues Mr. P kept yabbing about during my normal prime time television programming.

God Bless America.

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