Monday, February 13, 2012

in the kitchen with me! - your greatest Valentine's gift EVER

Here's a pic of me in the kitchen. I felt like a regular Martha Stewart (sans the embezzlement conviction) or Julia Child (sans the weird voice) with a little flour on my nose. Even though I do not cook often, (since my chef usually sees that I am well fed) I do quite enjoy putting my paws to the noble domestic task of baking. And despite my lack of opposable digits, I actually have a talent for it.

So with the holiday of LOVE coming up I decided I'd make some valentines treats for ME & all my friends and love interests. What valentine wouldn't love a homemade (with love) heart-shaped treat from yours truly?

As you can see from the pics, the treats turned out great and very tasty too! If you must have the recipe, you can find it here on my mom's BORING person-blog.

Here's the list of who's getting my valentines this year:
1. CHARLIE (whom I like to call Charles - like the Prince - since it gives him a bit more dignity), my uncle (dachshand/beagle), who is younger than me. Mom is making me.
2. COLTRANE, my ex-neighbor, black lab, tall, dark and dreamy. We used to have a thing but not since I moved.
3. MIKEY, my neighbor, golden retriever, beautiful blonde fur. He's nine (twice my age) but I don't mind older men.
4. BRODY, a dachshand I've only met once that mom is trying to set me up with. I don't know if it will work out though, I got the inkling that he might be more into guys.

I must be honest- it's a difficulty every year to pick the lucky dogs who are gifted with my sharing. (I rarely share so it's a gift in itself, really, receiving anything that is MINE from me.) I know a lot of dogs and this tail turns a lot of heads...

I recall an excellent example of the reckless abandonment with which my tail is often chased. I was out for a walk in the neighborhood with my mom when a car drove by. A beagle-ish male sat in the passenger seat & his mom was driving. The window was rolled down & when he spotted me he leaped out the window of the moving car & started chasing me down the sidewalk. His mom slammed on the breaks, got out of the car, picked him up & yelled at him. Although it was very valiant of him, his mom was right, he could have been seriously hurt. I mean this dog was so in love with me that he risked his life to chase me. For real!!! I could not make this stuff up! Who can blame the poor dogs - I'm simply irresistible I guess. Now, don't be offended, my pets, if your name is not on a cookie this year from me. There's always next year & look on the bright side - you've got a whole year to work on wooing and boWOWing me!

I had to sneak a bite of my handiwork. Here's my guilty face for being caught on camera eating.

This is what the dough (not the money kind) looked like.

This is what the dough looked like all rolled out. Mom did that part for me. It sucks not having opposable digits.

I made bone-shaped, butterfly-shaped and heart-shaped treats.

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