Monday, April 2, 2012

Spring Break Prep

With all the nice weather lately, I've thrown my spring break prep into turbo gear by going on a lot of walks & doing a fair amount of sun-bathing on the back deck. I want to look tan & thin for spring break -but not too thin (like Angelina) - more like Beyonce-thin (you know voluptuous-thin). I'd say all my efforts are working! Just take a gander at my voluptuous-thinness in this recent pic of me on a Saturday walk with my younger-than-me-uncle, Charles. The poor boy is almost 2 years old & still can't walk on a leash very well. But he's tolerable company for an hour long walk, despite the fact that he cuts me off repeatedly and stops to sniff around way to much (which does nothing for my pace & therefore my calorie-burn). Don't I look great in my workout hoodie? Soon it will be too hot for layered clothing though, so I've been prepping my wardrobe for summer by shopping for trendy accessories like studded collars & fashion sunglasses!!! Must protect these baby blues against the UVs- ok, technically my eyes are brown. But "baby browns" just doesn't have the same ring. I've got my eye on this pair of glasses. What do you think? I think it will do the trick in giving off the vibe that I still care what I look like even though it's too hot to wear clothes. I mean during the summer some dogs really let themselves go due to the heat - they don't wear pretty clothes & hang their disgusting tongues out and pant, pant, pant like they're rabid or something. I do NOT pant. Maybe if we were in Egypt I would but we are in Kentucky and although the humidity sucks when you have fur, it's not THAT bad. Additionally, I continue to accessorize well throughout the warmer months until autumn sweater weather is back. If anyone needs fashion help, I'm now consulting. You may have your people call my people if you are interested. See below for some of my work - my adorable outfit AND I've been working on this pose with Charles. We call it his "Zoolander" look. See how much better he looks in this pic than the first one (with his ear all cocked back)? I really have a gift for improving others.

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